Assistive Technology

Working to improve people’s lives using assistive technology is one of our passions. We are fortunate to be at the point in time where technology can be more assistive to people than any other time in history. Mobile computing, geotrinsic and biometric input, internet-connected devices and new design patterns will revolutionizing the way people interact and change the way people interact.

In a time where diseases can challenge people's independence, technology can help people communicate, control their environment and stay living comfortably longer.

Digital Strategy

We are passionate digital creative leaders who can build dynamic strategies that harness all that the evolving digital landscape offers. We blend technical leadership, digital and interactive design, information architecture, user experience, video storytelling and multi-channel branding to advance clients digital world.

Digital-first Marketing

Mobile devices and connected devices have unlocked a new way to interact with customers. The customer is in control of how we market to them at any time. They define their worlds, the information they provide and penetration that they will allow. We create marketing strategies that are genuine and trusted allowing for more messaging to get to customers when they are ready to make decisions.

Video Storytelling

Video has become one of the strongest online marketing channel in the past few years. The art of creating a compelling video series that engages customer relies solely on storytelling. We are effective storytellers that emotionally engage an audience to build interest and motivate.